Our Company

JAS LED is a leading edge provider of select manufacturers for state of the art LED lighting products innovative in design for both retrofit and complete new LED lighting systems. We address industrial, office and commercial market applications in market segments where we have either developed superior product to the standard offerings, or where there is a void of quality product offerings for the current marketplace demand.

JAS LED has the most broad range of products for applications including interior and exterior architectural styles that will fit from basic to advanced.


JAS LED, an LED lighting provider working direct with manufacturers both domestic and international for innovative retrofit and complete new fixtures for business applications. Specializing in products for interior and exterior designs.

JAS LED was established in 2013 to bring manufacturers of the most innovative lighting solutions direct to the commercial, industrial and retail markets providing superior savings.

We work direct with companies large and small, architectural firms, contractors and distributors looking to have a solid partner for a wide array of innovative lighting products backed by the best industry standards and warranties.

Applications to date include major universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care facilities, nationwide retail and hair salons, print shops, food manufacturers and small mom and pop shops.

We offer lighting assessments including energy savings, return on investment and rebate information to help companies make the most informed decision. Partnered with electrical contractors across the country we can provide turn-key solutions.

Over the past 3 years we have established key relationships with energy utility companies that recognize our products for their prescriptive and custom rebate programs.

We are looking to forge relationships with electrical contractors and distributors throughout the USA to partner with us for a full product range to directly serve their customers.

We represent ISO 9001 manufacturers of industrial and outdoor lighting products including innovative retrofit solutions that provide the most energy efficient, easy to install and high performance lighting on the market today.


Our Products

Solid state LED lighting is a sophisticated high technology resource that when appropriately applied can enhance all measure of light quality, energy usage and employee performance standards. Properly designed LED lights will provide beautiful and efficient illumination over a very long lifespan, while at the same time, the performance and reliability of poorly designed LED’s can be a monetary drain, inefficient and labor intensive. Built into the technology by JAS LED is the ease of application to existing fixtures thus significantly reducing the installation time and costs while enhancing Return On Investment. LED lighting will improve overall efficiencies including worker performance characteristics associated with eye fatigue. Lighting from JAS LED can impact worker safety and quality output by eliminating heavy metals such as Mercury Vapor, eliminating UV radiation and the potential from broken glass especially in product sensitive areas in food and related consumable items.

Improved lighting can not only save energy and maintenance but can be measured in terms of quality control and reduced errors which can be costly for both rejected product and product recall.